Chapter 39   From The Management
     Miss Page, Mr. Mac, Harry, and Jimmy worked all day Monday and the morning of Tuesday getting the Floridian Wurlitzer in tiptop playing condition.  At noon on Tuesday Mr. Randolph, district manager of the Eastern Picture Exhibition Company, called a meeting of all the theatre employees.  As a courtesy, he asked  Mr. Mac, and Harry and Jimmy to attend.
     He had some announcements:  “I have three very important items of business to discuss with you.  First, to the new local employees of the E.P.E.C., I want to welcome you, officially, to our company.  To those seasoned employees who have made the journey here to train these new associates, I want to say thank you.
     “Second, we are all privileged to be engaged in presenting a most precious product.  We sell relief of worries and escape from problems.  To that end we want every detail of a patron's visit to our motion picture establishment to be as close to perfection as possible.  Look around you at this beautiful edifice.  Do you not feel as if you are in a place of splendor?
     “This afternoon our newest associates shall see what we want to present to the public on Saturday afternoon, not as an employee, but as a guest of your employer.  Everyone who has a hand in the operation of our theatre has agreed to this one manifesto:  To give the customer the best service and entertainment possible.  The management of the E.P.E.C. want you, their representatives, to experience, first hand, the kind of service we shall demand of you.
     “In a few moments I will ask all new employees to exit the theatre.  After fifteen minutes you will reenter the theatre as guests.  Those who have trained you will now serve you with the kind of service we expect you to render to the public as they enter this our newest facility on Saturday.
“Third, and lastly, I have invited Mr. Keith MacLeod and his associates to attend this meeting so they could hear this announcement.  This Friday night, September the third at 8:00, there will be a formal reception and open house for the local investors and dignitaries here at the theatre on the eve of our Grand Premier.  All of you, and your families, are invited.  Our own head organist, Miss Melody Page, and the world famous organist, Mr. Fritz Schattenborg will present a brief concert interlude, after which there will be a tour of the building, with refreshments to follow.  There will be a very special surprise during the evening.  We have much to do and learn between now and then.  But for now; let's go to the movies!

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